[Samba] Please forward to Roger Harden

Angela Ledezma ledezma at bellsouth.net
Sun May 29 19:04:57 GMT 2005

Concepcion Ledezma, former UK student from FCA


How are you?

I'm wondering if you're the same Roger Harden who played at UK in the mid 1980s and was member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes at UK. Remember PJ?

Do you remember me? I always appreciated your testimony, especially when you really became on-fire for the Lord during your final year at UK. What are you doing these days? Me, I'm teaching high school in Florida, and coaching soccer. It's definitely a mission field. If you're the Roger Harden I'm thinking of, I hope to get a chance to tell you how the Lord allowed me to "back into" the field of education after being a sportswriter for a few years.

Hey, if you're not the Roger Harden I'm thinking of, please forgive me.



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