[Samba] HELP !!! samba shows shares without content

Remy Cool mailinglists at smartology.nl
Wed May 25 20:30:17 GMT 2005

Remy Cool wrote:
> Hello,
> I've upgraded to samba 3.0.14a on several Debian Sarge machines, but
> this morning it went wrong. The update went fine, users (XP SP2) can
> logon and all the mapped drives and printers are visible. Only when they
> click on the drive, no content is shown. Outlook can however access the
> outlook.mdb which lives in a subdir on the home drive ???
> I've run the default tests to check for faults, but couldn'f find any.
> Loglevel up to 5 didn't give any clues to why it goes wrong.
> When I log in as a user with smbclient //SERVER/user (on the server) I
> get connected to it's home share. A dir command only shows the . (dot)
> and .. entry's.
> I can make a new directory with mkdir TESTDIR, but a dir command doesn't
> show it. I can even cd TESTDIR. BTW TESTDIR is created in the users home
> dir with the proper permissions.
> The only (relevant?) thing I found in the log was about the
> sys_get_vfs_quota() failing on /dev/md0 (/home) with an invalid
> argument. However I get this same failure with another server that has
> no problems.
> Any one has a clue to what causes this problem?

If probably found the answer to this problem.
The bugreport: https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2514 reports
the same problem and the 'temporary' solution.

I've set hide special files = No and the dir command in the smbclient
session now lists the files.

Why hide special files was set to 'Yes' in the first place is a bit
weird since I didn't set it. Maybe the debian upgrade modified smb.conf.
Cups support was also replaced with bsd.

Tomorrow I'll verify if the problem is realy solved.

- Remy -

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