[Samba] Problem with unix extensions

Sebastiaan Troost troost at vvtp.tudelft.nl
Wed May 25 15:38:20 GMT 2005

Dear reader,


I recently upgraded my samba client from version 2.2.3a to 3.0.14a. Since
this upgrade the uids and gids of a mount I make couldn't be set anymore
because of unix extensions. I need to set the uid and gid of the share
because my users are different from the ones on the server where the mount
is. I was wondering if there is a still way to force a uid and gid. It seems
kinda weird to me to have to downgrade to have more functionality. Mounting
in windows works fine so why shouldn't it work in linux.


Thanks for all your help,


Sebastiaan Troost


I use this command to mount:


mount -t smbfs //server/share /mnt/share -o

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