[Samba] HELP !!! samba shows shares without content

Remy Cool mailinglists at smartology.nl
Wed May 25 15:13:04 GMT 2005


I've upgraded to samba 3.0.14a on several Debian Sarge machines, but
this morning it went wrong. The update went fine, users (XP SP2) can
logon and all the mapped drives and printers are visible. Only when they
click on the drive, no content is shown. Outlook can however access the
outlook.mdb which lives in a subdir on the home drive ???

I've run the default tests to check for faults, but couldn'f find any.
Loglevel up to 5 didn't give any clues to why it goes wrong.

When I log in as a user with smbclient //SERVER/user (on the server) I
get connected to it's home share. A dir command only shows the . (dot)
and .. entry's.

I can make a new directory with mkdir TESTDIR, but a dir command doesn't
show it. I can even cd TESTDIR. BTW TESTDIR is created in the users home
dir with the proper permissions.

The only (relevant?) thing I found in the log was about the
sys_get_vfs_quota() failing on /dev/md0 (/home) with an invalid
argument. However I get this same failure with another server that has
no problems.

Any one has a clue to what causes this problem?

- Remy -

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