[Samba] Re: sharing NFS mounts

Ben Ransom bransom at ucdavis.edu
Wed May 25 17:19:04 GMT 2005

True, would be good to share both SMB and NFS from the same 
server.  However, there is a possible reason to use SMB from NFS client 
mount point:  Win clients cannot mount SMB shares of two different user 
names on the same box.  I.E., from a Win box I cannot do:
net use \\serverA\home /user:Adomain\john
net use \\serverA\lab    /user:Adomain\labmanager

In my case, 'home' and 'lab' files were historically in different Win 
domains anyway, so I moved on to a work-around to the above, where I NFS 
mount the 'lab' files from serverA in Adomain to server B in a different 
domain, and I can do:
net use \\serverA\home /user:Adomain\john
net use \\serverB\lab  /user:Bdomain\labmanager

I have a small subset of users in both A Bdomain, so the accounts 
management is not too cumbersome.  Perhaps there are more elegant solutions 
though, serving all from the same SMB+NFS box.

Will look at some of the suggestions as to how to get SMB from NFS mount to 
work again now with Samba 3
-Ben Ransom

>I think you should have your Samba daemon running on the same machine as
>the NFS daemon. If you do it the other way, then you have two different
>points of latency for file retrieval for the Samba downloads.
>Furthermore, what will happen if you have to take down either Samba or
>NFS for maintenance?  This way they need not both be down.
>For larger systems you might consider having an SCSI hard drive with two
>ports so that you can access it from two different machine's busses.
>One machine could run Samba and the other NFS.  For even larger storage
>solutions, think "Network Attached Storage" with a gigabit or fiber
>backbone and possibly Balancing Domain Controllers.
>Jim C.
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