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Jim C. jcllings at gmail.com
Wed May 25 04:45:31 GMT 2005

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> OK, I've been searching the archives and google with little luck...
> I have a directory which needs to be shared with a number of UNIX
> clients via NFS and with Windows clients via Samba.  What is the best
> way to do this?  Should I configure Samba to share the actual NFS mount?
>  Or should I configure Samba to share the actual filesystem directory?
> Reason I ask, we were using the former method (sharing the NFS mount)
> and Windows users were complaining about flaky Samba shares.

I think you should have your Samba daemon running on the same machine as
the NFS daemon. If you do it the other way, then you have two different
points of latency for file retrieval for the Samba downloads.
Furthermore, what will happen if you have to take down either Samba or
NFS for maintenance?  This way they need not both be down.

For larger systems you might consider having an SCSI hard drive with two
ports so that you can access it from two different machine's busses.
One machine could run Samba and the other NFS.  For even larger storage
solutions, think "Network Attached Storage" with a gigabit or fiber
backbone and possibly Balancing Domain Controllers.

Jim C.
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