[Samba] PDC without WINS - performance boost?

Gerald Drouillard GerryList at drouillard.ca
Wed May 25 11:02:58 GMT 2005

Bruno Quintas wrote:

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>I have an unsolved problem with WINS, when i was setting the PDC i
>connected it to a lan (DHCP) to update the OS, and when i changed it to
>production environment i defined a static IP.
>Even after clearing the cache WINS still looks for the old ip to get
>browse syncs.
>I've seen this issue posted in some threads in the samba mailing list as
>well as in other places - NEVER SOLVED!
Sometime if you delete the tdb's and .dat files in /var/cache/samba (may 
be different on your distro) you may get this to start working 
correctly.  I stop smb before doing this though.

>I would like some feedback, regarding the following:
>Disable the wins server from samba and the netbios from client machines
>(all XP), install DNS in the PDC. I expect this would reduce network
>traffic to increase performance.
>Can this be done?
On a  network with Windows 2003 Server (PDC) and XP clients, you have to 
use the MS's dns server on the domain controller.  If not the login's 
are painfully slow.  The 2003 server did not have WINS installed, or did 
any other computer on the network.  I would imagine a linux dhcp/dns 
server that does DHCP and auto updates DNS entries could be equivalent. 


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