[Samba] dual boot linux/winxp, winbind

Emmanuel Blindauer samba at mooby.net
Thu May 19 14:33:51 GMT 2005

Le Jeudi 19 Mai 2005 13:37, Rex Dieter a écrit :
>  > Different machine names? (machineWin/MachineLnx)
> We're using DHCP, so they get assigned the same IP/hostname regardless
> of which OS is booted.
> -- Rex
I had the same problem.
I use legacy hostname.domain.tld for linux as the hostname is used to get 
the account on the DC, and the linux box has its real name given by dhcp.
For Windows, as I have a DC which act as DNS, I have already another 
domain2.tld2 And when I join the domain, I use another hostname 
So the linux is named hostname.domain2.tld2 in AD, the windows 
hostnameW.domain2.tld2, the ip is served by dhcp in each case, and the 
name provided by the dhcp is "hostname". It work fine here.
With a little experience, I'll probably do some change if I had to do the 
I'll use kerberos auth against the AD domain (Native Mode), hack a little 
winbind to only do ldap request for idmap, and only have one winbind doing 
the idmap, with ldap storage. Of go kerberos for auth, ldap instead of 
idmap from winbind.


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