[Samba] dual boot linux/winxp, winbind

Rex Dieter rdieter1 at unl.edu
Thu May 19 11:37:20 GMT 2005

Bruno Guerreiro wrote:

>> We have a bunch of dual-boot boxes (linux/winxp).  I'd like to be able 
>> In the past, when using an NT4 domain, I was able to tell samba to use a 
>> different (netbios) name, via (in smb.conf):
>> netbios name = hostname-samba
>> netbios aliases = hostname
>> When trying this now against ads, it *appears* to join the domain ok, 
>> but it doesn't work.  For example,
>> $ wbinfo -t
>> checking the trust secret vi RPC calls failed
>> error code was STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW (0x80000005)
>> Could not check secret
>> Suggestions/workarounds for dual-boot machines?

 > Different machine names? (machineWin/MachineLnx)

We're using DHCP, so they get assigned the same IP/hostname regardless 
of which OS is booted.

-- Rex

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