[Samba] Re: dual boot linux/winxp, winbind

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Thu May 19 15:45:41 GMT 2005

Emmanuel Blindauer wrote:
> Le Jeudi 19 Mai 2005 13:37, Rex Dieter a écrit :
>> > Different machine names? (machineWin/MachineLnx)
>>We're using DHCP, so they get assigned the same IP/hostname regardless
>>of which OS is booted.

> I had the same problem.
> I use legacy hostname.domain.tld for linux as the hostname is used to get 
> the account on the DC, and the linux box has its real name given by dhcp.
> For Windows, as I have a DC which act as DNS, I have already another 
> domain2.tld2 And when I join the domain, I use another hostname 
> "hostnameW".

Hmm... maybe that is the only way to get it to work reliably, (somehow) 
force the use of different hostnames.  I'll do that if I have to, but 
I'd rather opt for a simpler solution.

-- Rex

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