[Samba] Users' Profiles

Doug Campbell doug at bpta.net
Wed May 18 02:18:19 GMT 2005

> I am having an issue with users' profiles under the SAMBA
> environment.  The
> users would be using a Windows XP Pro workstation that is under the SAMBA
> domain.  Ever since SAMBA was implemented, I would have to recreate users'
> profiles intermittently.  Whenever this happens, the users would be prompt
> with an error message which states that it is "unable to log onto
> the local
> profile" and it would eventually create a temporary profile when
> logging in.
> Just this morning, I made the attempt to just reboot the workstation when
> the issue happened again.  Surprisingly, it worked and I did not have to
> recreate the user's profile.  Do you happen to know why? What do I need to
> do to prevent this issue from happening again?

I don't think this is a Samba issue as I have had this occur with our Win2K
server and XP Pro clients as well.  Don't know what causes it but rebooting
the workstation seems to take care of the problem.


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