[Samba] Group SID problems?

jonlists jonlists at cbsol.com
Tue May 17 16:32:39 GMT 2005

Have a site where the network users are connecting to most shares through 
group usage. Unfortunately, access to Samba is sporadic. Sometimes they 
connect okay, sometimes they can't connect at all. 

Looking at their system config, I notice that the SID's for the groups 
look..... odd. The users group ends in 3005.... but each user's 
PrimaryGroupSID is a group with a SID that ends in 1201, and there is no 
group that I can find with this SID. This site uses a LDAP backend. 

The question is - what specifically should I look for in the logs to 
verify that incorrect "mapping" of group SID's would cause the issue with 
sporadic connectivity? (there doesn't seem to be any issue of network 

Thanks for any insight, ideas.......

Jon Johnston
Creative Business Solutions
IBM, Microsoft, Novell/Suse, Sophos Consultants

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