[Samba] Question about LDAP migration...

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Tue May 10 17:41:28 GMT 2005

>You're right, my existing server is running OpenLDAP 2.0.27 and my lab's
>server is running OpenLDAP 2.2.23.
>I guess the biggest concern I have is any problems that may have come into
>play because of the version differences.  I'm using this lab as a "practice
>run" for the real upgrade later in the year.  I'd like to resolve all o fhte
>issues now and not then. ;-)

Quickly, I can say that 2.2 is much more strict about what objects you 
put into it and I believe how the objects are defined.  If this is the 
only thing you had complain going between the two, be happy ;)  When we 
made this switch we had inetOrgPerson and posixAccount in the same 
objects which didn't play nicely together in 2.whateverwewentto, I think 
it was 2.1.

Basically 2.0 will let you just slap any old object class together and 
call it a day, 2.2 is requiring you to flesh out the object inheritance 
more.  You're just explicitly stating what 2.0 is taking for granted or 
not caring about at all.

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