[Samba] 2000 Terminal Server issues

Ken k1000 at bmrc.duhs.duke.edu
Fri May 6 16:10:15 GMT 2005


We are attempting to use Windows 2000 Terminal Servicer as an SMB client
to samba.

The worst problem is with the file viewer (accessible from "My  
Computer) and
explorer. We cannot drag and drop files into the either file viewer  
or explorer
windows displaying shares from the samba server.

When a file is dragged to a file viewer/explorer window the icon  
changes to
circle with a line across (resembling a universal no) and drag operation
is rejected.

I can create files and folders with the menu commands. Files can be
pasted into these same windows. Drag and drop works with the
tree view of explorer. Applications can open and save files to the  
samba shares.
I can copy files to samba shares from the command line.

Windows XP Professional clients work OK.

I have tried this with samba version 3.0.5 Mac OS 10.3,
and samba version 3.0.10 on Mac OS 10.4.

Has anyone else seen this?

Ken McKee

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