[Samba] Dual ethernet server on the same LAN

Eric Feldhusen efeldhusen at chartermi.net
Thu May 5 15:55:53 GMT 2005

Nikolay Kabaivanov wrote:

> Hello, I have Fedora Core 3 linux and Samba 3.0.14a  on a server that
>  has 2 ethernet interfaces connected to the same LAN. The purpose to 
> have such a server with 2 network cards is to serve 2 network shares 
> with high traffic. I want the first share to be accessed trough the 
> first network card (named drone.domain.com) and the second share 
> trough the second card (named probe.domain.com). My DNS works 
> correctly. The problem I see is that I can't designate the second 
> card to be "bound" to the netbios name of "probe" and in this way, my
>  clients to make connections on this second network interface, for 
> example \\probe\some_share
> If I use this global setting  " netbios aliases = probe  " the name 
> "probe" is bound like a second name for the first card, which already
>  has netbios name "drone" associated with it. Without "netbios 
> aliases=probe"  nmblookup command can't find any information about 
> netbios name "probe". I tried to make the following permanent 
> mapping: netbios name <--> IP in wins.dat file but it desappears 
> after a few seconds. Does anyone has any idea how I or samba could 
> announce it's Netbios name which is on the second LAN card ?

It's outside of anything on Samba configuration to do what you want, but
another way to use both interfaces to their fullest, would be to "bond"
the two ethernet interfaces.  Your network switches would have to
support this and be configured, but then your two seperate 100MB/s
interfaces would be one single 200MB/s connection from your server to
your network with a single "logical" interface,  associated ip address,
and netbios name for it.

Eric Feldhusen

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