[Samba] Dual ethernet server on the same LAN

Michael Joyner mjoyner at vbservices.net
Wed May 4 11:36:17 GMT 2005

setup override entries in your DNS.

Nikolay Kabaivanov wrote:
> Hello,
> I have Fedora Core 3 linux and Samba 3.0.14a  on a server that has 2 
> ethernet interfaces connected to the same LAN. The purpose to have such 
> a server with 2 network cards is to serve 2 network shares with high 
> traffic. I want the first share to be accessed trough the first network 
> card (named drone.domain.com) and the second share trough the second 
> card (named probe.domain.com). My DNS works correctly.
> The problem I see is that I can't designate the second card to be 
> "bound" to the netbios name of "probe" and in this way, my clients to 
> make connections on this second network interface, for example 
> \\probe\some_share
> If I use this global setting  " netbios aliases = probe  "
> the name "probe" is bound like a second name for the first card, which 
> already has netbios name "drone" associated with it.
> Without "netbios aliases=probe"  nmblookup command can't find any 
> information about netbios name "probe".
> I tried to make the following permanent mapping: netbios name <--> IP in 
> wins.dat file but it desappears after a few seconds.
> Does anyone has any idea how I or samba could announce it's Netbios name 
> which is on the second LAN card ?
> 10x in advance
> Best regards
> __________________________________
> Nikolay Kabaivanov, ntk at ru.acad.bg
> University of Rousse, Bulgaria

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