[Samba] Auto mount/ auto map of shares

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Thu May 5 12:48:39 GMT 2005

>Hi All, 
>I am using Samba to let my LINUX server to be accessed by my WINDOZE PC's. I have it configured to use share level config and use it as a Domain Controller. It works fine, but I would like it to automount the shares whenever a user logs in to the network. 
Your use of automount here is confusing the situation, since linux/unix 
have an automounter.  I believe you're looking to run login scripts.  
Please stumble over to the documentation at www.samba.org  or man 
smb.conf where this is discussed at some length.  Basically you put the 
logon script = parameter into your smb.conf or your users' pdb entry and 
then make sure the script sits in the right place.

You'll also find several examples of how to do all sorts of fun dynamic 
things in the list archives if you go looking for logon or login 
scripts.  There are also add on tools that will give you more power than 
the user has for things like installing programs and whatnot.

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