[Samba] Auto mount/ auto map of shares

Richard Chang richard at hinditron.com
Thu May 5 05:48:56 GMT 2005

Hi All, 
I am using Samba to let my LINUX server to be accessed by my WINDOZE PC's. I have it configured to use share level config and use it as a Domain Controller. It works fine, but I would like it to automount the shares whenever a user logs in to the network. 

It is possible in a WINDOZE NT or 2000 setup by using login scripts. But is it possible to use it in LINUX environment i.e. by using SAMBA.  

Everytime I have to manually map it thru Net Neighbourhood or check the option of Auto Mapping so that it is available in the next login. It helps, but I want to control which user can access which share. The share available to the user shall appear mapped whenever he/she logs in.

I think you all understand my point. If not, let me know.

Any help is highly appreciated.



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