[Samba] Samba+LDAP on Fedora or Redhat. system-config-athentication / redhat-config-authentication

taso ahg1 at aanet.com.au
Thu May 5 05:37:10 GMT 2005

This is just a note for people who prefer using system/redhat-config-athentication to editing
authentication related config file by hand. The context is Fedora 3, samba-3.0.14a-1, and

The SambaGuide for setting up Samba with LDAP says to use "pam_password exop" in ldap.conf, but it
is not possible to set this via system/redhat-config-authentication. If you edit ldap.conf by hand
and subsequently use the config tool, it will clober your setting, replacing it with either
"pam_password md5" or "pam_password crypt" depending on whether you tick the "Use MD5 Passwords"
box or not.

Whether this is a real problem I don't know. The guide published by the IDEALX guys
for setting up Samba+LDAP runs with "pam_password md5", so it must work in a fashion.
At this point in time I don't know enough about LDAP to say what exop buys you compared
to md5.

Taso Hatzi

tr -d "blewky" <<-QWERTY
tabsol at kelemunnkari.dowzy.au

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