[Samba] slow logon from wireless network (roaming profiles)

Tony Mullen tonymullen at yahoo.com
Thu May 5 08:57:48 GMT 2005

Hi, we have recently installed samba and it all works
fine on our cabled network.  We are using roaming
profiles.  Logging on is running at pretty quick
speeds (no slower than my PC used to be logging on to
Novell without roaming profiles).  

We also have a wireless network that is running on a
different subnet and is connected to the main network
using a vpn tunnel.  The delimiting factor here would
be the 10Mbs cards in the VPN devices so I would
expect some reduction in speed.  However, logging on
and off is REALLY slow - a lot more than ten times
slower - the record being 2 hours on a PC that has a
lot of data on it (it took around 3 or 4 minutes when
cabled on the same PC).

I know it is roaming profiles causing the issue
because setting the PC to local profiles only solves
it.  However this is not an acceptable solution for us
and I am trying to find out why it would be so much

Once logged in, response time is acceptable (opening
files from network is fine and downloading a large
file meets what I would expect - a little slower than
wired but certainly useable and not ten times slower
either - it takes aproximately one and a half to twice
as long.

Anyone come accross this or got any ideas what to try?

thanks in advance, 


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