[Samba] Re: No vscan HOWTOs? should called how exclude pst files vscan clamav

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Tue Mar 29 21:28:13 GMT 2005

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Hi @ll,hi Andrew,Rainer
sorry that i renamed the subject, but my intention is to make this part
give more notice on the list.
I can confirm the scan problem with clamav vfs and bigger pst file.

As i just have this problem too, i tried google about faqs about this.
I studied the last readme of the vfs and there is just an example
that i should use file -i to find out what mime type my system ( suse
9.2 ) means to a pst file

- ------
pdc:/home/danielop/outlook.pst # file -i ./Outlook.pst
./Outlook.pst: application/octet-stream
- -----

so i included this to  vscan-clamav.conf

- ---
; exclude files from being scanned based on the MIME-type! Semi-colon
; seperated list (default: empty list). Use this with care!
exclude file types = pst
- ----

i havent my win test client up, and no big pst around to do some tests
but i am nearly sure this entry is >>not<< right ( or could it be that
easy???), but future tests will show

so i will cc the mantainer of vscan
to give a more detailed example to us how syntax to  exclude is done
or perhaps somebody on the list knows more

Anyway my thx goes to Rainer for doing such a nice job on vscan
cause pst file a comlicated filetypes by their nature.

Best Regards

Jim C. schrieb:
| | Does anyone have ANY idea what to put in /etc/magic to identify
| microsoft outlook pst files?
| | scanning larger pst files (100 mb or so) currently raises my clamd cpu
| processor usage to 90% or higher, and 'locks' ms outlook on the
| workstation during the scan, so I'd rather not scan them and have mcafee
| on the workstation take care of that.
| | Insight would really be appreciated.
| Not sure why this is required. Can't you just use "file [filename]" to
| find out what mime type /etc/magic currently thinks it is? Or is it the
| case that the mime type actually isn't in there?
| Actually, I use ClamWin on the 'doze side and I was hoping that someday
| the developers would put in a tool for discovering if the client host
| was running it.  I mean if it has local protection, why burn up the
| servers CPU cycles, right?  Distributed approach for a distributed net.
| Jim C.

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