[Samba] Re: No vscan HOWTOs?

Jim C. jcllings at javahop.com
Tue Mar 29 20:40:39 GMT 2005

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| Does anyone have ANY idea what to put in /etc/magic to identify
microsoft outlook pst files?
| scanning larger pst files (100 mb or so) currently raises my clamd cpu
processor usage to 90% or higher, and 'locks' ms outlook on the
workstation during the scan, so I'd rather not scan them and have mcafee
on the workstation take care of that.
| Insight would really be appreciated.

Not sure why this is required. Can't you just use "file [filename]" to
find out what mime type /etc/magic currently thinks it is? Or is it the
case that the mime type actually isn't in there?

Actually, I use ClamWin on the 'doze side and I was hoping that someday
the developers would put in a tool for discovering if the client host
was running it.  I mean if it has local protection, why burn up the
servers CPU cycles, right?  Distributed approach for a distributed net.

Jim C.
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