[Samba] Slow Printing with XP SP2 Clients

John Welch jwelch at brosco.com
Mon Mar 28 18:54:16 GMT 2005

Hello all,

We have been experiencing very slow response on Windows XP SP2 clients 
when doing various print related tasks (Print Properties, Print Preview, 
etc.) with Samba printers.  This is the same problem that has been 
discussed previously on this list, as well other Linux/Samba related 
groups and lists.  Following the advice of one these discussions we have 
found that removing the DevModePerUser and DevModes2 registry entries 
for these printers solves the problem.  However, the issue that we have 
is that some of our users have custom default settings for their 
printer(s).  As soon as they go in and set default settings these 
registry entries reappear and the slow response problem returns.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem, and if so, is there any 
way around this issue?

(We are currently running Samba version 3.0.11).


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