[Samba] Print on HP deskjet via Samba 3

Anthony PAUL a.paul at chbg.unicaen.fr
Tue Mar 22 15:04:51 GMT 2005

Hi list,

I have troubles with printing on a HP Deskjet 1220C (connected on 
network through jet direct device).

I have a print server, which use LPRng and allow clients to print on 
this 1220c printer as well as laserjet printers.

If client is Linux, I can print on all printers. So I guess my LPRng 
config is good.

Another server runs Samba 3. This server's printcap redirect jobs to my 
print server. So I have:

Win client <-> Samba 3 server <-> Print server <-> Printers

If my Win client (2k) wants to print on a Laser printer, it prints. 
(though I have a little issue: windows always says that I'm going to 
print twice the pages. I mean, if my print job is 3 pages, Windows says 
"6 pages" but only 3 is printed)

Anyway, it prints.

But if I want to print on Deskjet 1220c, nothing happens.
In smb.conf, if I use
print command = /usr/bin/lpr -P%p %s
then my job is not deleted on server, so I try to print it with command 
line like this:

lpr -Php1220c /var/spool/lpd/samba/smbprn.00000012.rG1Kms

But even like this, nothing prints. (lpr -Php1220c /etc/passwd works)

It's like there was a problem in the job. So I tried
use client driver = yes
and installed the driver on the windows box, but the result is the same.

I know that I can't share a deskjet printer on a NT4 server when I use 
win2000 clients...

Somebody has the same troubles?


A. Paul

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