[Samba] what to do ??

SABINE ZARABIAN sabine.zarabian at uni-bielefeld.de
Fri Mar 18 08:09:45 GMT 2005

Hallo Greg,

i am sorry I didn't understand all your questions because of my bad 
english knowledge and I apologize for my mistakes.
One year ago we changed our server structure from thee Novell 5 Servers 
with NDS to samba3 PDC with ldap for authentication and cups for 
printing. We have  nearly 450 users and 400 workstations and  after some 
problems at the beginning we are really happy about this descision. 
After this change we are not be able to use NAL, this was one of the 
biggest problem for the acceptance by the users, because with NAL the 
user did not need to pay for applications (the university paid for this 
licence but only in combination with novell client and nal) . Now we 
install nearly all applications locally on the workstaions and the user 
has to pay for a campus licence. Because of this more and more users  
are ready to use  alternative applications like staroffice/openoffice  
or they  try to use linux as workstation and they understand, that there 
is no need to use allways the newest version of an application.
Now, we do not need to change the novell client every some weeks like 
before, so we have really less work with our workstations and because we 
do not need to use a novell client, the workstaation startup is much 
faster then before. For the users it seems to be that the whole network 
system is much more stable.
I hope, this experience is a help for you.


Sabine Zarabian
university of bielefeld
faculty of biology
Computing support

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