[Samba] what to do ??

Collen collen at zeist.hermanjordan.nl
Fri Mar 18 16:56:27 GMT 2005

What to do, i guess that's up to you..
i must say, we migrated from a windows domain to a samba domain 2 years 
ago.. and it works all the same (for the users that is..)
administrating the domain is easy as well. once you know your way around 
this year, we installed an intranet/extranet, with the samba user-DB as 
backend to authenticate the users.
and this has also an mail-server (smtp & imap & spam & vscan) running
also authenticating the users agains samba user-DB.! (PAM-solution!)
so if you go for flexebilety, go with samba and linux..
support is mutch greader, and you can tune it the way you want..

if you want to go for a system that is harsh and non-flexible and with 
security issues ever week/month, go and give billy boy some more cash.
(i must say, it's strainge that your able to run a free of cost ms 
server ??!)

most people on this list, will recomend linux + samba or some sort of 
combination. it free, quick, good support flexible and does the job!

Well have a nice decission time..


Greg Andrews wrote:
> Howdy All,
> I am the adminstrator in a school which has netware 4.11 ( five servers in
> the nds tree )as its main student platform. This has been working very
> well over the past 6 years or so.
> The school has the ability to obtain a microsoft solution at no cost (
> except for the new hardware required, which is the reason for this email
> in the first place ).
> Advice and opinions are sought on the following points
> 1. do I go microsoft
> 2. do I stick with novell ( I am aware of a "misty" who recently migrated
> from netware to linux ) and perhaps move to netware 6 ( cost about $3000 )
> 3. do I move to samba.
> 4. do I make a hybrid and pick the eyes out of each system
> Now I fully expect most people to say go linux  and whilst I am all for it
> I need to be able to justify my decision . I am capable of administering a
> netware system and have a rudimentry samba server system running at
> another place  ( no ldap ) so am familiar with samba to some degree but
> have ( up until now ) steered clear  of the inferior microsoft server
> packages ( also have little experience with them ).So some traing costs in
>  samba and microsoft should be included in the mix. Netware I am
> conversant with.
> One major consideration will be that I would like to be able to run a
> single  user database. ldap I think will accomplish this. I am currently
> using netware's nds to do this.
> Mail and mailing lists  and N.A.L. are also currently being used to good
> effect. Davis Harris's Mercury mail is being used  as this provides great
> flexibility in mail but unfortunately no  (automatic) spam filtering in
> the netware environment. I am going to build a linux box as a mail front
> end and use the "native" spam and "sendmail" environments to accomplish
> this.
> Pretty obviously, most systems are "customised" by the admin. Ours is no
> exception.
> Another question that people out there might know is
> can samba run as a susserver ?
> enough ramblings
> Thanks to any and all who read and reply.

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