[Samba] Active Directory, Winbind on Solaris 10 sparc

Steven P. Johnson spj at tapsco.com
Fri Mar 18 02:32:23 GMT 2005

I compiled Samba 3.0.11 with LDAP and Kerberos support (used heimdal
because MIT refused to cooperate.)
Got it to join the realm.  Visible from Windoze land.
"getent passwd"  and "getent group" work great.  So do wbinfo -u and -g.
Disabled nscd.  /etc/nsswitch.conf shows "passwd:  files winbind", and I
have put library nss_winbind.so.1 in /lib and /usr/lib (linked).
Users with entries in /etc/passwd can authenticate.  Other users cannot connect.
The command "chown domainuser fileX" fails with "chown: unknown user id domainuser"

I know Solaris 9 had a patch to get this to work, but I don't see one for
Solaris 10.  What am I missing?  Thanks.
Steven P. Johnson
spj at tapsco.com
Certified Computer Consulting

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