[Samba] 2 servers, one with plaintext passwds, other encrypted passwds

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Thu Mar 17 23:35:47 GMT 2005

Hello, at my workplace we have 2 samba servers.  One is a PDC called 
archives1 with encrypted passwords.  The other server is called 
Archives4 and it uses plaintext passwords (encrypted passwords = no in 
smb.conf).  We have a Windows XP user who uses Archives1 for their file 
sharing, but wants to connect to a share on Archives4 as well.  Being 
that this user uses XP with encrypted passwords, she can't do 
\\archives4\share because she gets the error \\10.8.82 is not 
accessible, yadda yadda yadda.  She is getting this error because she's 
using encrypted passwords to connect to Archives1, but Archives4 uses 
plaintext passwords.  I know I can set Achives4 to use enrypted 
passwords, and then run smbpasswd for each user and create them 
accounts, but that is a lot of work just for 1 user to access a share.

So, besides enabling encrypted passwords on Archives4 and running 
smbpasswd for each user, what are my options to have this user still be 
able to access Archives1 with encrypted passwords and Archives4 with 
plaintext passwords?

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