[Samba] please help....

Doug Stanley dstanley at imtco.com
Mon Mar 14 19:42:12 GMT 2005

I've got quite a weird and probably unique situation here.

We have both an Active Directory server and an OpenLDAP
server here. The ADS is for the windows boxes and the LDAP
is for the linux boxes.

My Problem is, there are a few overlapping usernames between
the two (mainly just a handfull of developers).

So I have been running into the problem that samba seems to
authenticate the user and go with the info for the user from
winbind instead of using the info from the ldap for "local"

It's causing me quite a bit of a headache. I tried the sam_ignoredomain
but that doesn't seem to work. Is there any way to make it try just the
username and only try DOMAIN+username if username doesn't exist???

Thanks alot in advance for any help on this.


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