[Samba] Citrix, Samba PDC experiences.

Mark Nehemiah mnehemiah at urschel.com
Mon Mar 14 13:18:38 GMT 2005

Hi all,
          I've dug through the lists and google, but haven't found very
much info on using Citrix with a samba PDC.  The small number of
messages and information I've found, lead me to believe it will
work.  Does anyone have any first hand knowledge they'd be
willing to share?  I'm currently involved in rolling out Citrix
for proprietary windows apps for remote offices.  We've always
used samba internally, though I'm still authenticating to a real
old NT domain.  The Citrix rollout includes needing more windows
CAL's, so rather then A/D, I really want to use a SAMBA PDC if


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