[Samba] Trouble with samba, ldap and kerberos..please help me

tricky_one at gmx.de tricky_one at gmx.de
Mon Mar 14 11:50:52 GMT 2005

Hello together,

i'm working on the following problem. I want to install samba as the 
only protocol to connect a couple of linux and windows-pcs. My 
software versions are SUSE 9.1 Pro, Windows XP Pro. I have 
updates to samba 3.0.6.

Now I want to share the user home of the samba-server to all the 
client machines. To provide some comfort, user authentication 
should happen via ldap and kerberos. ldap and kerberos work's 
very well, but the samba-share of the user home is not mounted to 
the client machine and therfore kde is not starting. The login to a 
command line shell works, so I think the problem is in the pam-
system of my client machine. I use the pam-module pam-mount to 
mount the samba share. Is there any docu, where I can read about 
how to configure a system of samba, ldap, kerberos and tie these 
parts together? I've googled around, but yet I've found nothing that 
fit's to it all.

thank you for helping.

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