[Samba] Privileges problem

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Thu Mar 10 14:24:16 GMT 2005

Cesar Sanabria Pineda schrieb:

>I'm trying to implement a SUS server (local windows update)
>I-ve already solved my problem to modify registry in order to establish
>windows update configuration.
>Now i've a quiestion all my client logon my samba PDC enusing a
>netconfig.pol isend all configuration everithing works ok. But i've a
>trouble, my users don't have privileges to install anything  and i don't
>want to give them privileges. So is there another way to update my
>system , i mean something like sudo o something like that in order to
>get privileges and install updates?
>Or is there another way to do that?
Hi, if you use a NTconfig.POL  and set your internal susserver ip and 
updatetime etc. with adm to the default computers  you will not
have any problem with user permission, cause the update service ist 
started by a privileged
system service on the win client machine which will do the update anyway.
There should no manual update needed by Domain Users Group in this case 
or giving privileg to do so.

If you want to force a susupdate you have to use tools like forcesus.exe 
and start them at logon
of the user with a runas command ( cpau is a good choice ) as a member 
of Adminstrator Group ( Domain Admins etc...)
 you can also start  forcesus.exe with psexec.

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