[Samba] Stange mappings of Linux permissions to Samba

Harry Knitter harry at knitter-edv-beratung.de
Wed Mar 9 17:52:38 GMT 2005


can anyone explain me the following.

in a share [homes] a user has a subfolder with permissions as follow

rwxr-xr-x harry users 
From the Windows-client you see
Group Administrators 	no rights 
Users				full
Everyone				no rights

a file has the permissions

rw-r--r-- harry users
From the Windows-client you see
Group Administrators		read,write
Users				full
Everyone				read

another file with this permissions

rwxr--r-- harry users
From the Windows-client you see
Group Administrators		full
Users				full
Everyone				read

I dont´t understand this behaviour. Especially as the Windows-client tells me 
the group of Administrators was the owner of the files respectively the 
What´s wrong?

We have also difficulties in saving changed files especially those of Excel. 
When doing so (Linux-) permissions change from rw-r--r-- to r--r--r--. This 
behavior I have already mailed 3/1/05 (Access Problems).

The special situation of this server is:
After a crash of a prior installation (SuSE 8.2) we installed SuSE 9.2 (Samba 
3.0.9) and copied the files /etc/passwd, etc/group, /etc/shadow, and the 
whole directory /etc/samba from the old to the new installation.
Everything worked fine, also the login to the domain was no problem. The 
server based profiles were preserved.
The only problem are the permissions and the change of them when accessing and 
changing existing files.

We urgently need help.



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