[Samba] Os X and Win clients to SMB 3.0.10 server - how to hide ._ files from win clients only

David Bowsky dbowsky at nolo.com
Fri Mar 4 00:29:57 GMT 2005

Hello group,

I am working on a test installation of Samba 3.0.10 on FreeBSD 5.3 as potential
solution to some of our current file server problems.  One of the main ones
being good 'ole Win2000 Services for Macintosh - which we would like to dump

Here's the situation.  We have a handful of Mac machines, all recently taken to
10.3.7 (10.3.8 upgrade is pending) which currently connect to our windows file
server over AFP, which requires Win2K services for Mac in order to operate. 
This has worked fairly well in that the 'rfork' files (._filename.ext) are not
required in order to maintain filetype data.

As I understand it - OS X when connecting with AFP assumes that it is writing to
an HFS/HFS+ share, and expects the file system to handle rforks, a job that is
badly taken over by win2k services for Mac.

When connecting with smb, OS X assumes that it is writing to any file system
*other than* HFS/HFS+ and invokes the Doubler features to generate these rfork

Aside from my obvious file-migration issues that are going to be popping up (mac
users never consistently applied extensions to file names, many many file names
include the / character, etc.) I would like to find a way to hide these ._files
from my windows clients, without loosing the ability for OS X clients to view
them.  Our current policies are such that Windows machines are configured to
view "hidden" files, and this is unlikely to change. The OS X Finder does not
show any '.' files by default - but the OS needs to read them in order to access
the rfork data.

My initial thought was to use a simple veto on these to render them unavailable
to  user viewing or manipulation - which half worked.  Having them veto'd in the
share  or global portions of smb.conf rendered them inaccessible to OS X as well
- meaning that all of those files (particularly ones without extensions) lost
their association data.

Could anyone point me to some information regarding managing these files in a
Windows/OS X environment?  Is there some way to base veto's on user or group
IDs? For example, could I generate a group for my mac users and then veto
._files for everyone except that group?

Since our Mac users access more than just their primary file share this would
eventually become an issue should we migrate more of our file server functions
to a Samba based solution.

My apologies for such rudamentary questions.  My attempts to search for this
information on the mailing list resulted in several - much more specific
problems that sound like post-setup type of issues.


dbowsky (at) Nolo (dot) com

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