[Samba] Os X and Win clients to SMB 3.0.10 server - how to hide ._ files from win clients only

Patrick McSwiggen Pat.McSwiggen at uc.edu
Fri Mar 4 03:28:47 GMT 2005

On Mar 3, 2005, at 7:29 PM, David Bowsky wrote:
> Could anyone point me to some information regarding managing these 
> files in a
> Windows/OS X environment?  Is there some way to base veto's on user or 
> group
> IDs? For example, could I generate a group for my mac users and then 
> veto
> ._files for everyone except that group?

You can include a modified smb.conf file from within the standard file 
to customize the behavior for different clients. Look at the man page 
for smb.conf in the section on "Explanation of each parameter" for the 
parameter "config file" (listed alphabetically). Also look at the 
beginning of that man page (it's about 100 pages long!) under "Variable 
Substitutions" to get an idea of the sorts of things you can use to 
differentiate between clients. For example, one of the variables is %a, 
which is supposed to expand to the architecture of the remote machine. 
I assume this would be "Samba" for a MacOS X machine (based on what it 
says in the man page) and something else for a windows client.

The way it works is that if the name of a config file is given, but the 
file doesn't exist, it's ignored. Otherwise, the new file is loaded in 
place of the original. So you could try something like adding a line:

    config file = /path/to/file/smb.conf.%a

to your [global] section. Have the standard config file set up for the 
windows machines (with the veto to hide the ._files). Then make a new 
config file that is otherwise the same except without the veto for the 
MacOS X users and name it "smb.conf.Samba". That way, any client that 
looks like "Samba" OS type will get the modified config file and all 
others will get the original. It sounds like %a may not be the most 
reliable of the variables, but of any OS type, one running samba should 
certainly be correctly detected! In any case, once you see all of the 
variables that can be used to control this, your head will start to 
spin with the possibilities.

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