[Samba] Samba interface for administrative tools

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Jun 30 13:27:27 GMT 2005

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Beast wrote:

> I prefer samba to use its own way/protocol/procedure/etc 
> to manage server, maybe implemented using xmlrpc or anything
> else, but it should be simple. Not all developer(user) are
> interested on all available options.
> This will boost the number and standarized samba GUI configuration
> programs. In samba GUI page, I found that most program are too 
> old and unmaintained. If it is new then it focus on modifying
> ldap directly.
> Its better to use client/server model, even if tool is 
> running from the same machine.

I was talking about a client/server model based on MS-RPC.
But first you mention xmlrpc which more of a soap/web services
model.  And then you mention LDAP.  So you seemed to have jumped
from one subject to another.

In either case, it requires client and server support.  We
already have the MS-RPC server support and have someone working
on a libmsrpc library easier client access.

The XMLrpc piece would require both client and server piece.
But technically you would not need integration with smbd to
do this.  However, I've always found that when the external
management tools have to know the internal data format to do
their josb, it is a recipe for disaster.

> Link to xSMBrowser in GUI page is work:
> The account for the URL you have requested is inactive or 
> no longer exists.

Thanks.  I'll let our webmaster (Deryck) know.

cheers, jerry
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