[Samba] Slow Ms Access in one share

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Mon Jun 20 08:21:22 GMT 2005

>From: Alex Satrapa <alex.satrapa at apf.edu.au>
>To: A samba mailing list <samba at lists.samba.org>
>Subject: Re: [Samba] Slow Ms Access in one share
>Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 13:02:44 +1000
>On 20 Jun 2005, at 12:20, Jack Malone wrote:
>>I have wondering why you say it would be faster with oplocks on. at  our 
>>office we have have to let more than one person be able to read  the 
>>access files, not write but read them ...
>I must live in a different universe... I can't get decent performance  from 
>Microsoft Word unless oplocks are on (and the client can thus  cache the 
>whole file).
>>an to be able to do that i had to turn oplocks off so more then one  
>>person can have it open at one time. be interesting to know how to  do 
>>that without oplocks on.
>What about level 2 oplocks? The oplock system allows for multiple  readers 
>when someone is writing.
>Note that in the original example, the Access Database is expected to  be 
>written to ("read only = No"). If the share was set read-only (and  I don't 
>doubt that you'd have to set the file to read-only too, to  make sure MS 
>Windows got the hint), I expect you wouldn't need oplocks.
>But I've been wrong before... the only way to tell is to try it out  and 

as I've said in my post, there are multiple users that access simultaneously 
to this mdb, and the directory in wich is contained has 777 permission 
because all should modify this file or, to be more precise, everyone should 
modify the LDB file that is created/modify every time someone access to mdb.

All my clients XP are configured NOT to request oplocks.
Here you are the registry that I load in the clients:

; "OplockBreakWait"=dword:00000080




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