[Samba] What happened to the Solaris packaging between 3.0.2a and 3.0.14a?

Arnold.O.Andrews at seagate.com Arnold.O.Andrews at seagate.com
Fri Jun 17 13:43:34 GMT 2005


The last time I compiled Samba was at version 3.0.2a.  It included a nice
packaging section to bundle up the compiled programs for easy

Now I have just downloaded the source for the latest stable release, 3.0.14
a.  Although there is still a Solaris packaging section with this version,
it seems to be missing some of the things that it did before.  When using
pkgadd to install Samba, it no longer prompts the installer whether or not
it should install swat, and whether or not it should configure Samba to
auto-start upon boot up.  Previously, if the user accepted these options,
it would automatically place the entries needed into the "/etc/services"
and "/etc/inetd.conf" files (SWAT), and place a startup script into
"/etc/init.d" along with a link to the script located in "/etc/rc3.d"

I'm just missing the former functionality.  Can anyone explain why this was
changed and if it is possible to get it back?

Best Regards,

Arnold Andrews
Sr. Systems Administrator
Seagate Technology

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