[Samba] Partition setup recommendations

Thomas Reiss thomas at mypoint.franken.de
Fri Jan 28 16:25:16 GMT 2005

Hallo Jason Williams, 

> What I was hoping to get from some people here are some recommended 
> partition setup schemes. What works well, what is necessary/unnecessary etc.
> I know partitioning is a personal thing, I just like to hear options and 
> ideas from others here.

I thing you should use LVM to be very flexible on partitioning and

mount /home to a LV-Volume
mount /srv/samba/apps to a LV-Volume (for Programms)
mount /srv/samba/groups to a LV-Volume (for Special Groups)
mount /srv/samba/profiles to a LV Volume (for Profiles)

Let 5-15% (or more, when you at the time doesnt now how fast 
every "Mointpoint" will grow or need space) free Space on the Volume Group 
for unexpected Situations.

Hope to give some hints

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