[Samba] Partition setup recommendations

Jason Williams jwilliams at courtesymortgage.com
Wed Jan 26 20:23:52 GMT 2005

Hello everyone.

I am about to setup a Samba server using SuSe 9.1 Professional and samba 
version 3.0.
Currently, I am using a Server with 3 36gig SCSI drives setup in a RAID 5 
array. That should give me about 60 gigs of space to work with.

Now, the server itself is just going to be a file and print server, nothing 

What I was hoping to get from some people here are some recommended 
partition setup schemes. What works well, what is necessary/unnecessary etc.

I know partitioning is a personal thing, I just like to hear options and 
ideas from others here.

I appreciate it.



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