[Samba] Active Directory + Samba 3.0.10 -> how to deal with owners and permissions

Hamish lists at subvs.co.uk
Fri Jan 28 12:53:24 GMT 2005

jmruiz at correo.animatika.net wrote:
> Hi.
> I've a running samba system that works with a ADS auth. All looks like to
> work. I can get the list of Domain users and groups (wbinfo -u, wbinfo
> -g), and "getent passwd" works too.
> Now I want to share a directory(or volume) and that the
> DOMAIN/Administrator be the owner of this share to get the control of it.
> I don't know how samba deals with resource owners and permissions in a AD
> context? Do I need to change the owner by hand to DOMAIN/Administrator in
> the samba system to this share? Is it possible to say to samba that this
> share is owned by DOMAIN/Administrator?.
> Thanks.

I would just leave the filesystem to sort that out:

mkdir mydirectory
chown DOMAIN/Administrator mydirectory (be aware of winbind seperator =)
add the share to samba normally

Now when users browse to it (if they have permission) they will be able 
to see the owner is administrator)

This is a nice way to administer the "base" of a share system:

-fileroot (shared as fileroot$, browseable no, read list @ntadmin, write 
list @ntadmin)
-- share1 (shared normally)
-- share2
-- share3
-- share4

Like this, i can open up fileroot$ and set permissions on shares easily, 
also I have a "back door" to shares that may otherwise lock me out.

Hope that helps,
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