[Samba] memory issues with samba 3.0.10

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Wed Jan 26 16:46:32 GMT 2005

> | I'm still having problems with that memory issue
> | using 3.0.10 with v.2  of the printing patch + the
> | one line patch from Jerome Borsboom. My production
> | server has completely frozen a couple times in the past
> | couple weeks, and did so again this morning.
> | This time before  restarting samba I removed the
> | tdb files in /var/lib/samba/printing/* as
> | Jerry mentioned this might help the queue not
> | clearing problem. What exactly does this cause samba
> | to do? It froze up completely again after
> | about an hour, and now the load is petering between
> | 1 and 2, with smbd taking up between 95 and 99%
> | of the CPU constantly.  I backed up the old
> | tdb's, should I maybe go back to those?
> Your subject metions memory usage, but your mail talks
> about CPU usage.  Which is it ?

Our central print server runs 3.0.10 and several times a day one of the
smbd processes starts to grow.  We simply keep an eye on it and can kill
-9 the offender, the rest of the smbd processes seem oblivious to the
event and trundle along happily.  We've seen these babies get as big as
989Mb (the average smbd seems about 70Mb),  and if we don't kill them
the server eventually goes into swap frenzy which can eat-up the CPU.

Perhaps you're seeing the same thing?

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