[Samba] memory issues with samba 3.0.10

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Jan 26 16:37:46 GMT 2005

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David Schlenk wrote:

| I'm still having problems with that memory issue
| using 3.0.10 with v.2  of the printing patch + the
| one line patch from Jerome Borsboom. My production
| server has completely frozen a couple times in the past
| couple weeks, and did so again this morning.
| This time before  restarting samba I removed the
| tdb files in /var/lib/samba/printing/* as
| Jerry mentioned this might help the queue not
| clearing problem. What exactly does this cause samba
| to do? It froze up completely again after
| about an hour, and now the load is petering between
| 1 and 2, with smbd taking up between 95 and 99%
| of the CPU constantly.  I backed up the old
| tdb's, should I maybe go back to those?

Your subject metions memory usage, but your mail talks
about CPU usage.  Which is it ?

I would check for network traffic.  Look for XP clients
sending a GetPrinterData() request over and over.

The printing/*tdb files are basically cache files.
So deleteing them clears the print queu listing cache
and allows smbd to start with a fresh slate.

cheers, jerry
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