[Samba] user-rights

M. Buchbach sandhase2001 at web.de
Wed Jan 19 18:21:18 GMT 2005



I've got some problems with the user-rights setting to my linux-machine.

I want to create a file-server-system with samba where I can create a
copy-directory, too. To this copy-directory every person, who can connect to
the samba-machine, should be able to write through this directory and to
make changes on documents, like word-documents, which are saved in this

My problem is that only the person, who has created a file through this
directory, is able to make changes on this file. Other persons only can open
this file to watch the content. I have no idea, which options I must change
in the smb.conf-file so that every person is able to make changes on every
file that is saved in the copy-directory.


The security-level is set to user-security and every person connects with a
username and a password to the samba-machine.


Can anyone help me to solve my problem?





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