[Samba] user-rights

Vickie L. Kidder vlkidder at TABASCO.com
Wed Jan 19 19:10:00 GMT 2005

We have something similar setup on an AIX server.

With samba security=user, each user connects to the server with a username 
and password.

In the AIX user account setup, every user is assigned to a group "staff".

These are the permissions on the "public" folder where anyone in the the 
"staff" group has rwx rights.
The "s" in the group permissions carries down the rwx group permissions 
and "staff" group to any files created in this directory.

drwxrws---  11 root     staff        512 Jan 18 10:24 public

The permissions were set using the following AIX commands.
# chgrp -R staff public
# chmod -R 770 public
# chomd -R g+s public

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[Samba] user-rights



I've got some problems with the user-rights setting to my linux-machine.

I want to create a file-server-system with samba where I can create a
copy-directory, too. To this copy-directory every person, who can connect 
the samba-machine, should be able to write through this directory and to
make changes on documents, like word-documents, which are saved in this

My problem is that only the person, who has created a file through this
directory, is able to make changes on this file. Other persons only can 
this file to watch the content. I have no idea, which options I must 
in the smb.conf-file so that every person is able to make changes on every
file that is saved in the copy-directory.


The security-level is set to user-security and every person connects with 
username and a password to the samba-machine.


Can anyone help me to solve my problem?





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