[Samba] Samba PDC and logon.bat questions

Mike Partyka mike.partyka at stonepath.com
Sat Jan 15 22:27:31 GMT 2005



For some time now I have thought that Samba was a piece of cake to setup and
thought making it a PDC and WINS server to boot, would not be much harder.


Haha, I am finding out I was very wrong.


First question:

Since logon.bat is being processed by a windows client machine that has no
idea what to do with Samba variables, how do you avoid having to create a
separate logon script for each user? To flesh this out bit, I am attempting
to setup a very common set of shares, they are; 1) a personal share,
/home/username 2) a group share, /home/samba/group 3) a public share,
/home/samba/public. And my login script is very basic and looks like this:


Net time \\sambahost /set /yes

Net use h: \\sambahost\username <file:///\\sambahost\username> 

Net use g: \\sambahost\group <file:///\\sambahost\group> 

Net use p: \\sambahost\public <file:///\\sambahost\public> 


But there username varies as does the group name, so for now I have setup
the netlogon share like this:



Path = /home/samba/netlogon/u%

Read only = yes

Browseable = yes


And in the /home/samba/netlogon directory, I have a directories for each
user and a logon.bat. I'm sure there's a better way to do this, could
someone help a guy out?


Second question:

When using roaming profiles, and I have a global parameter like this
"profile home = \home\samba\profile" and I logon using an XP Pro PC, will
the directory for my profile be created automagically or do I need to append
u% to the "profile home" path parameter? I manually created a dir for my
profile and after it had copied up I went to log back in and I got an error
about my profile not being available and a new default profile was created
on my workstation called username.000. Any idea what I did wrong that would
have caused this?


Thanks so much,


Mike Partyka

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