[Samba] ldap backend and machine trust accounts

Mike Partyka mike.partyka at stonepath.com
Sat Jan 15 22:33:20 GMT 2005



It seems that many people out there are now using ldap as their backend
instead of /etc/passwd for samba accounts. SuSE makes this particularly easy
because they have a YAST module that does most of the work in linking Samba
and Openldap. So I created all my users in the LDAP directory. Then I
proceeded to make the machine trust accounts for windows 2000/XP clients but
the directory does not seem to accept the $ after the netbios name. Is there
any reason I can't just have the samba authentication backend in the LDAP
directory but the machine trust group and the machine trust accounts in the
/etc/passwd file?


Thanks so much!


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