[Samba] PDC and guest access

Ilia Chipitsine ilia at paramon.ru
Wed Jan 5 12:40:34 GMT 2005

> On Tuesday 4 January 2005 12:38 Ilia Chipitsine's cat walking on the keyboard
> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> is it possible to prepare a share with guest access (i.e., without
>>> username and password) on a server that is playing as PDC (i.e.,
>>> security=user)? The security setting is global, thus it's like not
>>> possible, but I'm not sure. Thanks,
>>> Luca
>> map to guest = bad user
>> will do the job
> The "map to guest" option is global, while I'm searching for a way to make
> guesting a single share, not the whole samba. Furthermore, can anybody tell

put "guest ok = no" for those shares which You don't want to provide guest 
access to.

"guest ok = yes" to those shares which You wish to be accessed as guest.

> me why my configuration for host equiv seems not to work? In the config file
> I've the following line:
> host equiv = /etc/hosts.equiv
> and in the hosts.equiv file I've got:
> s88
> (being s88 the name of the window machine, also listed in the /etc/hosts
> file). When I try to connect thru the s88 machine, I'm requested to put a
> password, while the machine should access anonymously. Any idea?
> Thanks,
> Luca
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> Luca Ferrari,
> fluca1978 at infinito.it
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