[Samba] Upgrade Recommendations and/or Tips - SAMBA 2.2.8 to 3.0.?

Chris Dierkens chris at dierkens.com
Tue Jan 4 03:33:21 GMT 2005

Hello all,
Pretty new to the whole SAMBA scene.
I've been using it for ~3 years now, but haven't had many issues before now.
I'm running SCO Unix 5.04 and am currently running SAMBA v2.2.8.
We use SAMBA simply has a simple Windows-to-Unix share...
With MS release of security updates KB885835 and KB885386 our software
doesn't work completely.
Any hints on what our next step should be?
There seems to be a lot of "issues" with 3.0.10.
Is that the only release that "fixes" this MS update problem?
Thanks for the information and guidance.
Chris Dierkens
chris@ <mailto:chris@<nospam>dierkens.com> <nospam>dierkens.com

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