[Samba] leaving Profiles on PDC

Christoph Klein smxag at yahoo.de
Mon Feb 21 15:46:54 GMT 2005

> what exactly do you want ?
> [...]
> 2) automagically merge roaming profile when logged simultenously from
> two workstations ? it will work for XP and above, I don't know any
> solution for w2k.

.... and avoid the download of a profile to local "Documents and Settings" /
upload the complete profile on log off.
for example, if  user "a" stores something at his desktop (roaming profile)
the download is at first saved local (c:\documents and settings\a\Desktop)
and then
uploaded at the server on logoff.
With the solution I developed, users work _direct_ on the server with their
profile, all files stored on desktop, changes made in start menu etc. are
all done
on the server immediately; so the upload of the profile at logoff is not
neccessary any more ....
I'm working on this since Friday, because I need such a solution for
recucing the traffic on my wlan AND saving hdd-space.


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